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Here is a collage of multiple grade levels using our TeacherGeek Makers Cart. I had great feedback from the students. The third graders made sail cars and fourth graders made rubber band racers. They enjoyed using real tools and it was an absolute joy to see elementary students using real life math applications to build projects. All students started with the same instructions but had options for modifications. It was interesting to watch the competitions. 

The sixth students chose different projects from the Go-Guides. It was very satisfying watching them problem solve their way through the labs. This is just a quick snapshot of a few of the projects.    

By Erin King, Jefferson Elementary School


Making A Difference

PAEF Mission Statement:
The mission of the Pryor Academic Excellence Foundation is to vigorously solicit funds, equipment, and services in the form of gifts, grants, bequests, and fund raising from individuals, businesses, and other appropriate sources. Funds acquired by the Foundation shall be used to support, enrich, and enhance educational activities through the Grants to Teachers program.

 Grants to teachers Spring 2023
   $34,623.65 impacting all Sites

Awarding Grants to Teachers

Grants are awarded to teachers in Pryor Public Schools twice per year - in the fall and spring. 

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

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